The Beauty Of Our Love

By Akinola Ayodeji 11 months ago


The beauty of everything  was that we fell in love, 

We knew what what we wanted, 

Happiness! And it was in both our eyes, 

We know the path is similar! 

So we board thesame sail, 

And as each noon pass by on our oddyssey, 

In the middle of this wide oceans,

We clung our arms together, 

With our hearts knighted as one, 

We stare at the beauty of the stars of the night, 

How long we have to go! 

How far we have come! 

None of it matters, 

As long as we have ourself from the world, 

It will be us against  the tempest and the storm! 

Yes! We have ourself against the wave.

Yet will sail away with faith. 

Since we have the blessings of God, 

And the rich benevolence of serenity's love, 

We would thrive till we reach the end of the world,

With Our hearts clung and our love bond for world to come. 



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