The ASYLUM Cont'd

By Jesse Obetta 6 months ago



Inspector Eze: sir here is the report of our findings from the customs .

I.G: good , let me have it, takes alook. What is the meaning of this. it says here nobody imported that chemical. How is that even possible.

Sergeant John: sir, maybe it is made locally. I wanted to say this before but didnt have the courage. I suggest we check with NAFDAC for list of local companies that are capable of doing such things.

I.G: why didnt you say that before. Go there immediately.

Sergeant John: yes sir.





Sergeant John: good afternoon sir.

I.G: Are you through already.

Sergeant John : yes sir. From the records they have . it appears no company has applied for the license to produce that compound.

I.G: what! How then did they get the compound?.

Sergeant John: I have no idea sir.

I.G: check with immigrations to know if  anybody came into the country with the intention of opening a pharmaceutical company.

Sergeant John: Right away sir.




On the slum of Abuja the Nigeria capital, In an old brick building. Sitting in the masters bedroom is Mohammed AL-khalif. He is about 6 ft tall with a short black hair, his face is devoid of any hair. A dreaded member of the AL-quada group and a mercenary. He is currently wanted in 24 countries.


AL-khalif: Good day boys, how far have we gone with operation GRANDSLAM.

Bruce: Sir, everything is in place .We will strike in two days .Sir they will never know what hit them. Every security agency will quake with fear after this.

AL-khalif: That is excellent news. I need to tell you guys to be quick with the operation. So we can move to the next phase . I  tittled it operation flash. It would be launched in two weeks .

Bruce: we will be ready Boss.



Bruce and his gang consisting of about 4 guys are dressed in police uniform and are in police van .Parked along the area 11 axis in Abuja.

Bruce : Are you guys ready ?

MEMBER 1 : yes sir.

Bruce: lets begin.

MEMBER 2: Boss, the A.I.G convoy will pass along this road now. We will join the convoy as planned.

Bruce : ok .let wait . 




Bruce: I can see the convoy approaching , get ready boys .Now ,one of you should lie down in front of the last car as previously planned while I plant the bomb under the car .

Member 1: yes boss. He quickly disguise as a blind man and gets in front of the last car. It was executed perfectly.

   Bruce quickly plants the bomb and the tracking device under the car and leaves immediately as if he was never there.



Bruce: boys that was perfectly executed. Let watch the fireworks. 



The A.I.G convoy enters the police headquarters in Maitama ,Abuja. As the A.I.G alights from his car..His  security details and the divers also alights including those in the last car. The diver  notices theat the boot was not completely closed , as he closes it . the next sound is BOOOOM. The improvised emergency device(I .E..D) also known as bomb explodes destroying the entire parking lot and more than half of the headquarters. The number of casualties is put at 150 policemen. This is because some where not on duty that day while some has not resumed like I.G himself.


Breaking news! The force headquarters in Maitama has just been bombed .Emergency services put the number of deaths at 44 and the wounded at 90.Details to follow shortly.



          On his way to work, receives a phone call from his wife.

I.G :Honey what is the mater.

Wife: Havent you heard?

I.G:  what?

Wife: The police headquarters has been bombed.

I.G: what! Am on my way to work. I havent heard anything like that .how did you come about this information.

Wife: The news is on CNN. Thank God you are save.

I.G: oh my God. Hold on his Excellency is calling .Hello sir.

Pres.Turkur: I.G have you heard what just happened.

I.G: I just heard the news sir. I will get to the bottom of this. I must get these bombers. NO matter where or who they are.

Pres. Turkur: we already know who they are. It is the Samatorro terrorists. Their leader just posted a live video on TV claiming responsibility and threatening more havoc to follow.

I.G: oh my God. This has become more serious.

Pres.Turkur: YES, I have called a meeting of all service chiefs immediately .you have 30 minutes to get here.

I.G: yes, sir. Driver, change of plans we are going to the villa. Drive as fast as possible.





Pres. Turkur: welcome gentlemen. We all know why we are here .The attack on the police headquarters and the threat of the samatorro terrorists of more attacks in addition to all the havoc they have caused already is not an issue to be handled with kid  gloves. So gentlemen as the security chiefs in this country . it lies with you all to find a solution to this menace.


Gen. Azubike Asuquo( chief of Defense staff): Good morning your Excellency. It is a sad day for all of us. My heart goes out the members of the police force , their wives and to the I.G here and the entire country. The issue of these terrorists is not new and we have tried different counter measures to curb their activities but they always appear to be a step ahead of us every time. Here is what a propose sir. A Joint  task force comprising of the military, police , members of the D.S.S and the airforce. I also suggest an increase in the number of personal in the security agencies and more funds to purchase more military hardware. This terrorists have more sophisticated weapons and appear well coordinated.


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