Teenagers' Tears One

By Ayomide Elizabeth 7 months ago

Chapter 1


We had just finished dinner, I stood up and left for my room. I picked up my diary and was going through it... Oh my! Tomorrow is my birthday, I had almost forgotten... wow. So I'd be thirteen tomorrow.  As I flipped through the diary, I saw my twin sister's picture. Like a flood, tears flowed down... Tiwalola died when we were 11,  It's been two years now... She was an asthmatic patient and she died from an attack. Scribbled beside the picture, I saw a short note  I had written for her after her demise. I had read it a million times, but it wouldn't hurt to read it again: 


"To my twin sister,

Growing up as a twin was the best,

Always having your best friend everywhere you went was cool.

I remember every Christmas, we were the first ones downstairs,

We always woke everyone up.

Being a twin was like getting double present because we shared everything. 

Being a twin was and will always be my greatest joy in life; 

Today part of me died, but part of her lives in me.

I just hope I make the part of her in me proud.

The only regret I have is that we didn't grow old together and even enjoyed more of our childhood together.

Having five sisters is awesome, but having a twin is priceless, 

Today not only did I lose my sister, but I also lost my best friend and my support system" 


How I miss you Tiwalola; I said after reading the poem... no one to celebrate my birthday with me... I miss you! I closed my diary as I went to bed sober, I couldn't help the tears as they flowed, this happens almost every night now.  




My name is Tiwalade Taiwo Nelson I really didn't know what teenagers pass through until I became one... I'm from a family of 3. I lost my twin sister already and I also have a junior sister Tiwanife. You have really not heard anything yet about me. Read through (THIS IS MY OWN PART OF THE STORY) TEENAGERS' TEARS 



Morning came so fast, and I woke up to the ray of light stabbing at my eyes. "awwn, happy birthday to me! I said yawning and stretching as I staggered to the bathroom. I had a quick bath and prepared myself for school, afterwards, I headed for breakfast. 


For the past few years I lost my sister I had become a loner. My birthday was no longer any special day anymore, it's wasn't just a bad day for me but for everyone in the family too. But I never knew this year's own was going to take a new turn. 


As I continued with my meal expecting a normal as usual birthday wishes from my family... no one even noticed, everyone was just focused on their meal. Confused and also surprised, I  ate two slices of bread and left the dining sadly, I had made up my mind I wasn't going to remind anyone. I went into my dad's car and waited for him and Tiwanife. They got into the car and still, no one said anything. It was as if they had decided to ignore it. I  couldn't feel worse, a silent tear threatened to fill my eye, I quickly rubbed it off before anyone noticed. 


 Obviously, no one remembers, or acts like they don't remember, even my mother, how on earth could my own parents not remember the day I was born? (I'm emotionally right? I felt pained, hurt and betrayed, if you had been in my shoes you would relate, you will know how it feels). 

I tried to rein in my emotions and the tears that kept filling my eyes almost every minute throughout the trip.


Finally, we arrived at school and dad dropped us. 

"lade, if you like don't be attentive when your teacher is explaining, and let me hear any complain about you again," he said; I picked up my lunchbox and left without any reply, I couldn't trust myself to speak. 


 The previous day, my English teacher, Mrs. Samuel had reported me to him, she observed that I hardly listen in class.  I had never really been a good student actually, I had always had bad grades. Truth is, I was poor in all subjects. Most of my classmates even teachers don't even like me. They make jest of me and this really affected my esteem. I wasn't like my lil sister, the brilliant and diligent child.  She was the favourite of my parents. She wins awards for school mostly during competitions, and as you can guess, I was termed the black sheep in the family. They insult me, they compare me with my sister, their friends' children, In fact, in school, during PTA meeting, they tell me how useless and unprofitable I am.


Do you think I don't wish to change?

Do you think I don't want to learn? 

I really love to. I needed help. But all the criticism had gotten to me. I feel bad about myself and I just wallow in my unending loneliness and sadness. 

But I wasn't always like this. Something happened that no one sees or knows, I  guess nobody cares enough to want to. 




Later in the afternoon, during break, obviously still my lonely birthday. I sat at my desk remembering how we had always enjoyed our childhood birthdays. What happened? all of a sudden they just hate me. Is it because I'm the only one?  They don't love and care about me anymore. Today was just like another bad day.


I was still busy with my thoughts when I felt someone touch my arm.

Rasak! He sat beside  me and whispered to my ear "Happy birthday TIWALADE TAIWO NELSON, I wish you tonnes of happiness, joy and love for the rest of your life"


The reaction was instantaneous, I felt what every teenage girl would have felt "loved"

"Oh my God! how on earth did he know?" I just hope my face wasn't revealing what was going on in my mind. 


"Wondering how I get to know?" he asked. "Well, I asked you on Valentine's Day, take care, and do enjoy your day," he left.

Yes, I can remember now, he really did ask me on Valentine's Day, I didn't even know he would remember... Awwwn... For a very long time now, I have never felt this special to anyone. This little gesture did get to me but little did I know what it was going to do to me. "Thank you Rasak," I said to myself. 


Throughout that day at school, I felt a little bit happy, at least one person remembered my birthday, I smiled. 


To be continued...😊😊

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