Tamunoiyereseigha (a Fiction)

By Jason Joshua chigozie 5 months ago

Hey I'm Tamunoiyereseigha but my friends call me 'Terra' for short a graduate of the university of Lagos 

I've got a story to share


Derek Edwards was the best thing my life experienced, he was my secondary school classmate, boyfriend and later my course mate at Unilag. 

Our love has no bounds. 

Things became shaky when Derek lost his Dad in the first semester of our second year. 

His Dad Mr Edwards has been battling with prostrate cancer for three years, finally he gave up the ghost. 

Due to insufficient funds Derek had to withdraw from the university,  his mom Mrs Kate Edwards sells Fabric at Alaba  int'l market but since she had to cater for the family alone,  her profits weren't enough. 

Before Death Mr Edwards works as a manager at the community microfinance bank in Abia state. 

Oh I didn't tell you about our origins

Derek is From Abia state,  while I'm from Rivers state,  bonny island to be precise,  we both reside in Lagos tho

My Dad a business mogul who died few weeks before my birth left behind great fortunes for my mum,  unfortunately my mom died few minutes after she gave birth to me due to excessive bleeding..  May her soul rest in peace. 

My dad's brothers took over everything tho they took care of me and My Grand mother. 

I grew up under the intensive care of my grandmother in portharcourt. 

I missed Derek so much.. 

I had to visit him on weekends since they relocated to Abia state. 

I tried cheering him up,  telling him its not the end of the world. 

Few months later,  Derek joined the Nigeria Navy. 

Years past....  I graduated, we got married.



next episode will be uploaded soon 

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