Take Solace

By Kareem Itunu Azeez 7 months ago





Take solace....

In what you have; rather  than what you wish for

In knowledge, when others struggle to know

In financial breakthrough; when others falters to spend

In honesty, when others can't be honest

In truth; even when forced to lie


Take Solace.....

In what you look like rather than what you hope for

In wisdom when others pretend to know

In attraction when you seem to have it all

In beauty; judging by today's criteria of beauty

In been satisfied; when you don't have it all.


Take Solace......

In the love you have; rather than the one that never came

In the relationship wavering because of you; rather than clamor for what's yet yours

In appreciation; rather than aiming for a dig

In all that you have which seems not enough; but otherwise worst for others.


At the end, the maker is not so blind that he can't see.

For within you lies endless happiness

But in self contentment come Peace.

Peace forever.........



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