By Tee Lyod 14 months ago

...Oh 'Tachi

What did they make you do...?


Were you just a myth?

His fictional creation? 



For the good of your clan ?

For the good of your village ?

For the good of your nation ?


Oh 'Tachi

Your hands...


Will they ever be supple and white

Like the artist you were

To paint your dreams 

Other than shades of grey ?


Will your soul be brought back

To embrace life once again

To feel once again

To love once again ?


Oh 'Tachi

Your brother...


Your Father

Your own Mother...



All I see is red.


Red mingled with tears.


Your mind's blank

Soul is numb

Heart is seared


Oh 'Tachi


What was lost that day? 

Apart from a sea of scarlet? 


Can you remember? 





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