By Adetayo Omotoyosi Adeolu 19 months ago

I had always admired this particular Woman not just because she is a singer, but because of the depth in all her songs. She is an accomplished photographer that sees through the eyes of lens. She single-handedly changed the story of the bread seller, Olajumoke years ago.
I remember one of her songs which was a celebration of the late Octogenarian, Mama Ekundayo. She went on to showcase the beautiful aspect of motherhood, and how Mama Ekundayo raised kids in their hundreds that were not even hers. You can rarely find such noble actions in this society that is fast becoming selfish.
That was the length TY-Bello would go to tell the world stories of happenings in our society. Her music and videos are backed up with research and when the lyrics are broken down into lines, you must definitely feel the impact and get lost when trying to find yourself.
From the LAND IS GREEN, which took Nigerians by storm to EKUNDAYO, JESUS JESU and now COLD. I had downloaded this COLD months ago, before I finished service but I just did not have time to listen to it. So today while I was looking for a music to listen to that will ignite my muse and make me write better, I stumbled on "Cold" by TY-Bello.
This particular song "Cold" called on the sleeping Soldiers ( not just the Soldiers, but the Citizens also) to wake up to their responsibilities. 
The songs shares what is now fast trending in our society, everyman for himself, we are all trying to make money, jostle for power, have fun and make love here and there. That we even forgot that there are wars going on in the North East, the Fulani Herdsmen killing in the Middle-Belt, while hundreds of IPOB memebers have been killed and arrested by the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Police. 
"Give us heart and flesh O God, a true burning for men O God."
This line will touch you, that is if you still have conscience, it is a plea to God to give us heart and flesh to be able to see the sufferings of people around us. Nigeria and Nigerians are increasingly becoming selfish, as long as their immediate family is doing great, the rest can go to hell.
How are we going to move forward with this kind of attitude ?
Our Politicians grew up with this mentality, that is why I don't blame them when they get there, all they do is amass wealth and steal funds that even their unborn generations cannot finish.
Did you know that your Politicians, after leaving office go with different packages which includes ; houses, cars, drivers, cooks and so on ?
Now I can confirm to you that it is true.
Have you ever asked yourself why your present Governors picked up their parties tickets to run for the National Assembly ?
If they succeed, they will be collecting lifetime benefits that I listed above and they would still be collecting the other one as a Senator even after their exit from the National Assembly.
"Have mercy Lord, we are cold, we've turn away from the crying, we've turn away from the dying. So we run, run after money, we run run, run after power."
Yes in the West here, and every other parts of Nigeria that are free from attacks by these demon blood-sucking terrorist and killers. We have turned away from the sad realiites that the inhabitants of those in these precarious situation. Indeed I have listened to many people saying that it is the North that is killing themselves to get Power, that may be true and it may also be false.
What about those innocents that were massacred in a Catholic church in Benue ?
What about those in the IDP camps scattered across different parts of Nigeria ?
What about those kids who did not have the means to go to school in your own locality ?
What about those kids that ordinarily should be in School and not in the streets hawking ?
What have you done to help the situation ?
What about those poor women who toil daily to make a living ?
How about those boys and girls of tomorrow who don't know where their next meal will come from ?
How about you lending a helping hand to that blind man that needs to cross to the other side of the road ?
How about you checking on your loved ones that you've never called in a year, months and days ?
How about you give a smile to that little employee working with you ?
Nigeria is currently ranked the poverty capital in the world, but automobiles are daily filling our streets. Who bought and keeps buying them ?
Have you ever visited big eateries like SHOPRITE, KFC, MR BiGGS and so on  and see the population that throng their buildings everyday ?
Where do they get the money ?
Are we truly poor as a Nation ?
Are we truly poor as a people ?
Now do not get me wrong, I am not saying that you should not spend your money, you earn it, so you should spend it. But at the same time, also remember the people in your environment who needs help. Maybe not money sometimes, maybe a counselling would do.
There are foreign men and women who would leave their comfort zone to Nigeria to help educate our youths, teach children, give them scholarships, help in cases of disasters. But it saddens my heart that Nigerians claim to be religious but in the true sense of it all, they are Godless. 
Some of these whites don't even believe in God, but they are ready to help, even to sell their house to make sure their neighbours, not just their neighbours are alive and well. But look at our very religious Nigerians, look at the Churches, Mosques Pastors and Imams, what do you see ?
If we are going to build a sustainable economy, if we are going to have relative peace, we must start investing in the people. If we don't, these forgotten souls will one day raise an army of killers against us.
TY-Bello song "Cold" is what we all need to listen to, and re-evaluate our lives, change our mindset about Money, about wealth and life in general.

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