By Riona Ogwuche 9 months ago

   The awkward part is you won't even give me a handout to say this is why you dislike or hate me, yet you are good pretending you like me... well, it is pretty obvious. Just tell me.., I don't know if I want to or don't want to hear it or how i will handle it. All I know is  It will be a start for you to know me, understand me and give me a chance to adjust and be better. But I cannot because all I sense is the aura that i am not welcomed.
It's still not enough that you treat me like a stranger, you avoid me as much as possible like whatever I have done to you is contagious; well I don't want it to be. Please don't record my wrongs 'cause I won't do yours, I'll forgive and forget, that is me through self searching.
   Okay, and you don't have to sell me to everyone I interact with making me the villain. I see it when I walk into the room to say hi. I receive the news when all of a sudden I am avoided like a worn out piece of work.
   All I am saying here is I am human with feelings, treat me like one please. I am no alien or enemy but a friend. Just because I am not in your circle or talk about the things you like to talk about or visit places you like to go or behave like you do. I am not sorry, I cannot be in your click and be controlled by you. I am quiet, reserved and strong willed but I want to talk sometimes too and be talked to. Do not, if anything, do not treat me as an outcast.
   Truth, you do not want to be treated the way you treat me.

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