By Happiness Effiong 12 months ago

Could it be loneliness or my lustful flesh?

Could it be peer pressure?

Could it be me thirsting for worldly pleasure?

Could it be my loving flesh?


Come let me love you

No you scare me

Come let me make you happy

No thank you


What exactly does this beating organ want?

What's the need of the body?

Are you sure you're feeling lonely?

Is your heart broken or burnt?


Come I'll always be there for you

The last one said it

Come let's go out to eat

It all begins with a date or two


Saying yes ain't the issue

You would get tired of me

I can't give you what you need

But deep down I want you


You as a friend

For every support and advice

To help me become wise

I need you till the end


Hold me close my dear

Come with me under the moonlight

I can't promise that we won't fight

But I promise we'll be of good cheer

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