By Godswill Udoh 5 months ago

TREASURE HUNT ~16/7/2018


It was a purposeful day as I woke to see, having gone against odds at work. Everything worked out well just as it was meant to be but returning late to start for work and for the day’s purpose a treasure I couldn’t secure just as the odds went against me!


On my way back, wondering in thought and almost lost but to the awakening of some boys with goads. The odds went against me and I wondered carelessly as they jogged behind to awake my consciousness. I thought they were late and had to catch up but since they were behind me and I anticipated them to pass me, maybe due to my wondering careless thoughts on odds.

One grabbed me, I thought he was joking, the other pushed me into the pasture….. by now I wasn’t walking but staggering and in my thought it rang; that I was all alone, I had nothing but to confide on the speeding cars on the lanes, maybe they could see what was going to be and stop, but inside the plain pasture with trees I was dragged. I staggered with resistance from taking me away from the lanes cause I realized I was alone an on my own, so I screamed……..!!!


I could feel his limbs boggle my leg as a trap, I was bundled to the ground like rat. My voice I swallowed knowing this was no joke but serious, my bag of treasure pulled and dragged up to get off my comfortable back.


Who you hep, in the other hand; who will help?

Louder I screamed as claws like cat from one amongst the two rapped my neck, from the ground I staged, with struggle I rose, the bag was shared with me and him. Here appears another dress with a coat or call it suit that fits him as boss to make them three, I thought beyond fear but how can I be free. I could hear one of them say, “the boss has come” while one threw me a blow and got me on the chin.

Indeed, this is serious…. I was held all around, I confessed with believe that I could still hold on…. “Una no know say this na person life?”

To no avail my words, they prevailed, their treasure hunt was done and beside a tree laid with one of them trapping me down.

I remember my strong grip on my bag cut with a sound, Pap! The bag they laid safe but my trouser raided with soldier ants, I didn’t think well enough to run coz I could for he was alone when the other asked, what of his phone? The three on me again, my pocket sieged, I wondered why all the vehicles passing and could see the scuffle but none stopped for my identity was stolen: Voters, Referees, ATM cards including SIM cards.

I could hear one say let’s leave cause the ants had began to attack, I never ran off but hanged on still as their verification of items proceeds, I surveyed for the bag but it was too dark to see…. I would have shown them running is a referee’s hobby; but why tamper to get the bag I couldn’t see as they matched towards me to scare me away…. “bring in the blade” in Ibibio they said with emphasis to get me afraid.

I moved on as they ran in towards their aboard across the span of land, I retreated to follow as they deviated to another way to avoid trace, into the lanes… I waved at passing vehicle if at least one would stop but none.

I recollect the account of things taken, on the list top was someone’s laptop, the least were keys; ID’s, ATM, SIMS, a thousand naira, my phone, I mean, all of my things including 30 naira.


What are those itches in my pant? In-between the lanes I took them off with my hands to safe the ants, so like that I walked home, calm and my lost I thought and count.

Why? Was it for my sin of the day or the time of the day? For the odds didn’t go my way.

I wondered on the Legal process and the rigor to investigate the snatch of someone’s life success for all in a night gone for young men like me who could venture to something better. My thoughts wondered even to killing as the heart was bitter. I only concluded; how did it begin or how will I begin for I have still woken up and work begins!

Life is hope despite the bitterness.


Next will be my 1st visits to the Nigerian Police Station….. And to our FEDERAL SECRETARIAT.


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