By Tracy Njeri 6 months ago


I call you my baby

You always make me happy 

I call you my Love 

I always want you to have 


They say never 

There is never a forever 

I believe there is 

Because, ours is 

I call you my darling 

You call me loving 


It started with simple greetings 

They made me get feelings 

Just because of the things 

The things you would whisper in my ear

I would think about them; days, weeks, months, year

But loving you, I had fear 


Now, being with you is never enough 

Seeing you everyday is so tough 

But I fear losing you in a puff 

I love you so much 

But I don't need a match 

An honest and faithful person, I need such 


I thought having you was incredible 

But now, losing you is more unbelievable 

And loving you? It's indescribable 

You are my first 

I hope you'll be the last 

And our love will last

That is, Forever! 

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