By Olabisi Akinwale 7 months ago



To burn with cold fire

Is to watch a vulture scavenging the body of a child- half dead


In my eyes is a mixture of broken songs and water

In them are shots shutting a boy's teeth into itself

A sister was shattered into diverse tongues

For finding butterflies in gardens of grieves

They said love is a poem with lost verses

Those who read, do not know their destinations- they only believe in the existence of God in a non existing world


There are times time doesn't heal

- like the times boys with zero lifeline wore skins of dilapidated faces

- times a mother danced too close to the moon, that she couldn't see the darkness on its other side

- times history and blood met between a sister's thighs, when forced to find God in dark places

- like the times the sun burnt a father's son to ashes in his eyes

- times the only love left in our hearts, left with our shadows, recreating us in the image and likeness of death

- times we were spanked into sad photographs by the spanks of farewell

- times, life uncovered our nakedness while waiting for voices to bring light to our veins


There's nothing here

Only answers to the missing tales of time


© Olabisi Abiodun Akinwale

Undiluted Poet


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