By Camatella 14 months ago


I've always wondered what I'm doing here... Like was this meant for me? This world is a very terrifying place. Days pass by and friends leave, family goes and on those same days new friends come in and new people are born. What is this world?

I've always wondered why brothers fight eachother, why friends stab each other at the back... I mean we used to laugh,play and eat together those days. How did we get to be this way? 

I've always wondered why people make mistakes that completely destroys them... I mean they that make that mistake once but then not everybody has a chance to learn from their mistakes.

This world is all about surviving. Some people are more fortunate than others and we call it unfair well it's not. We all have different faces, colour, personalities, cultures, countries. We can't be the same. Here, would be boring. I hate this world because it's sooo brutal but I know it gives u chances that u can never get when you leave. So, we all despite the rocks this world throws at us. We have to be strong. We've got to conquer it no matter what!

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