By Okolo Chinua 11 months ago

"When you're falling in a forest and there's nobody around, do you ever really crash or even make a sound?" - Pentatonix

"We are all artists, you explain, our emotions paint different colours into the wind" - Akachi Chukwuemeka

"When you prick a rainbow with a needle what colour does it bleed?" - Dua Saleh



Writers, they say, carry the most pain with them. Today I went through Akachi's profile and I saw that for ten times he requested therapy but most times people laughed at it as the pitiful plight of a poor poet. He bore with him unimaginable pain, emotional pain, for emotional pain is far more painful than physical pain. It makes me wonder just what would have happened if someone had actually given him that attention, or paid him a listening ear. Yes, he was a first class student but most times those at the top suffer the most because everyone assumes all is well with them. So before you say, "Suicide is for fools. Everybody has life difficult" please remember that not everybody has that strength, that anchor that you have. Not everyone has that strength to continue nor do they have friends that anchor them towards life or give them a reason to keep living. 


Before you generalize just because your own situation is hard as well please look around. Yours might be bad but by helping another you get healed. There's always a depressed person lurking somewhere by you. Do not be judgemental, offer a listening ear and save a life. Tomorrow the world will remember and thank you. Akachi wrote, "We all have excuses for wearing bags of flesh but we are nothing but kola nuts in the hands of the gods...", "I die two times a day but not when I sleep...", "Cities don't exist, only people do. No one believes this story. When the pages of memory are turned we don't see buildings, cars...we see faces..." 


In every poem lies a deep imprint of a writer's feeling, read meaning into it. Akachi may be gone but his works keep his memory alive, in his friends, family and us. Today I remember you, a poet whose works I really admired. Tell someone, tell everyone and save someone. The little you do matters. May his be a sacrifice that opens our eyes now that he's closed his. 

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