By PoetClem 20 months ago


Life is adventurous
With cruising gallant ‘danfo’ wheels
Along marshy hills
Great and small puddles
And even pot-hole-marred tarred routes
The flying lion that roars
Across the cirrus
With eerie bellows
With the sounds of Oro
Life is a Circus
With winged black creatures
Choreographing care-freely
About and above in
The silver-painted heaven
And elephant fishes
That atop splashes
And dives stylishly
Back in the ultra-marine sea
Life is Cosy
With exhilarating wind
Seaping neath man’s baby skin
Steering control
It lords it over his gentle soul
And plays its way through bloomy birches
Falling me asleep from tween dazy branches
It victimizes debris in eccentric patterns
Whilst rigmarole in merry-go-rounds
Life is brilliant
With the peeping aluminum light
That glimmers at early night
And the common camphor
That gleams at every nightfall
The flamboyant colour display
Of the igneous bulb today
On the tongue of billow’s glide

At even at the sea side.

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