By Ojonugwa John Attah 19 months ago


Sometimes I sit and wonder

How a lot of things go here

A few tears here and there, 

stifled laughter in the mix

and a sandwich of hatred in between. 

I look in every direction 

I see the revolution that is coming

Its end is nowhere to be found

Those who play its tune are hiding

for daylight is not the friend of a witch

There is chaos in every sense of the word

No one pays attention;  

they wait for a mighty fall

They believe a certain group deserves the treatment

They do not see brotherhood in any way

All they do is to attack in an anonymous name

The anonymous travels around,

to plant his own seed and wait for a quick harvest

No one sees his children,

for they have all departed this zone,

until every flicker of light has been doused

Those who go barebodied for his sake and those of his children,

wait for orders to destroy and to maim

There is no reason why a disciple should disobey his teacher

And for that reason,  they ignorantly follow their boss till they get to the world beyond all alone.

I see in this period that violence,

the one which more or less leaves decapitated and dismembered bodies behind.

When will these things end?

We cannot answer the question,

for the answers are locked in the hearts of the promoters of this violence.

We shall wait but we shall hide and wait.  


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