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Have you ever gotten a NO consistently for all the places you had aspired for a YES?

So disappointing, I guess. 

I can actually relate with how disappointing and annoying it must have been.  However, this short piece is to encourage you that a NO, regardless of its countless numbers, can't debar you from getting to the pinnacle you can reach in this life and beyond. As a matter of fact, the many rejection you suffer avails you the opportunity to gather capacity that will make you an object of celebration. 


Hear this friend, you aren't the worse candidate for an offer that appears beautiful, which you couldn't get. 

Either a school admission, a business deal, a job or a visa application, getting a NO doesn't mean you are the worst person on earth. 


However, you don't have to make yourself worst of, by sleeping on your bed of rejection, just because someone doesn't accept you or what you have to offer. As long as you are alive, as long as you breathe, as long as you move, you have another chance to start again, even on a new and better plain. 


Don't look down on yourself, thinking you are not capable or fit for a thing, just because someone said that to you. External voices are loud, but they do not produce good sounds. When you pay attention to external voices,  you live by their distracting noises, tossing you here and there, making you go from bad to worst. 

 There is a voice; a still small voice. This voice gives direction. It gives motivation. It tells you; "I believe in you"

                   "I know you can"

                   "I trust you "


This voice is still, yet powerful. It is internal, yet impactful. It tells the truth and never lie. This voice is in you. Always listen to it and not the external distracting noises from other men who say NO to you. 


Moreover, no man owes you an apology for not accepting you, or giving to you or supplying for you. But dear friend, you owe your generation your very best, which you must give to them. 

You owe the world every good gift that is resident within you. Don't let rejection kill every good prospect in you. 

There's more to you than what those who rejected you aren't seeing. 


A NO should take you back to the drawing board, a place to analyze yourself. A NO should teach you what you ought to acquire that was required. 


The best of men are made by the rejection of other men. If other men don't give you a NO, you won't learn how to find your own YES. 


We always get embittered when we don't get to have what we desire or think we deserve, after we have done all that's needed to be done.


When your best hasn't given you a rest, then you know that there is more to what you termed 'best,' or else, you will keep assuming that 'best' of yours is all that is needed to give everything else. 


When you get a NO, you get another chance to find your TRUE YES. 

Beyond the man that gives you a NO, is a world waiting for you to find your YES.


A NO gives you the chance to add and add up that which they said you never had. A NO gives you the chance to learn better. It provides you with time to use more effectively. 


A NO brings you ON, which many don't know, because a NO is wrongly positioned. 

You can't appear ON stage if you haven't gotten a NO before. 

You can't be ON the top list if you haven't gotten a NO before. 

You can't be ON track, if you haven't gotten a NO before. 


Look at this, a NO brings you ON, when you reposition your NO for your betterment. 


I challenge you today. When you get a NO, smile and say; 


"You just gave me a chance to go more faster than I was moving before. You just gave me another chance. Thanks for rejecting me, because your rejection has given me the opportunity to find myself."


Always Remember! 


"...The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord's doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes?"-Matthew 21:42






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