By Wisdom Ahamefula 17 months ago

When I stepped out,

I sensed the world's eye

"What's the stare all about?"

Like I'm some wanted pie


Total gaze and no restrains

It made me feel I've impacted

What haze! As though it rains

Now I know I haven't started


I hear the laments now

Corruption, unfair treatment, injustice

With fear, I take a bow

Cause right now, I ain't masterpiece


Evils now stay in bury

Souls mourn and complain

All in search of a jury

Who'll keep the blemished from stain


In time, evils get crookedly justified

While the just had been brought to saw

With few in tears and others crucified,

I come forth equitable.. Cause I'm the law

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Wisdom Ahamefula
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