By Shedrack Akor 18 months ago

I have circumcised my heart

My conscience no longer to betray 

To responsibly do my part

And have peace when I pray


For though I proclaimed faith, 'tis was greed I served

My words were all but true

In pretense I thrived

If only I knew


Under the guise of service I enslaved my people

With serpentine guile I avoided the truth 

Wielding a chastening whip of impoverishment

All who raised their voice could not but bow their heads


I preyed on their negligence

Thinking I have secured my future, I sold them out

Out of ignorance they even spill their blood in my defense

All this and more only for a pittance out of their right


With sweet wine I endeared myself to the youth

Anyone who saw through the deceit was kept mute

My wish was supreme

And my will their last resort


Just when I thought myself mighty

'tis was then it all dawned on me

That the rich also cry

My past now haunted me


All for nought have I  toiled 

The tears from my eyes were drowning me

But while I wept for what life took from me

Even the tears I shed were guilty. 

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