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The party was choked up with high-class young men and women. There were young ladies sucking pipes, strippers turning round the iron bar doing their thing, young fierce looking men smoking weed, ladies walking with just bra and G-strings covering their parts, girls in pairs with hands against each other's butts; some men slapped their asses as they walked past them.

The potbellied bar tender served five more bottles of bear to a lady who sat on the high chair - she had already downed about three bottles.

The music from the speakers blared so loud with Peter Okoye's 'Wokie Wokie' banging across the hall. The red, blue and green lights made it almost impossible to recognise people's faces.

On the stage was a fire dancer and three other endowed ladies in army bum shorts twerking as other party riders cheered to the magic of the fireman. Janet walked up to the lady who sat on the stool. I suddenly recognised the face.

"Hi... Anthonia!" Janet screamed as she hugged the already tipsy young lady. "Look at you, already had a lot for yourself before I arrive." Jane smacked her ass and served herself a glass of alcohol.

I took position on the opposite side of the bar, allowing the girls some privacy. I ordered for a bottle of Gulder as I commenced conversation with the bar tender.

I did a security scan around and noticed the G-boys around. They gathered south-west of the hall smoking and doing their thing.

Janet never knew I planted a chip on her hair to track her through GPS when she goes deep into the crowd. I sat at the bar almost all through the party, however not bored watching the performances and music from likes of Timaya, Whizkid, Falz and the rest. Some group of ladies came around asking for a dance but I declined. One so daring boldly seduced me, rubbing her hands along my chest. I would almost have taken her to the bathroom but something magnet me to my stool. All I replied was "Not an appetite."

I watched how some bad guys moved away with another guy's phone and wallet, telling him to keep mute and join the crowd whilst the proceeded for another operation. I was still.

The party grew hotter and I checked my 30meters water resistant Naviforce wrist watch, it was 9.30pm. I stood up, stretched and began to patrol declining more invitations to the dance floor.

My phone's tracker began to beep, blinking red light slowly, then faster. Damn! Janet is in trouble. I quickly confirmed the location and it signalled Middle East. I quickly shoved aside some party men advancing towards her direction. As soon as I got to the location, the Virtual Robot Controller - VRC light began to blink yellow indicating that my client is nearby.

I searched attentively and fortunately found her. She was panting heavily. "Janet, are you okay?"

"Antonia's phone was taken by some guys. She's going after them!" She cried.

"Where did they take?"

"Here..." pointing South.

I knew they were heading towards the toilet where they'll take the emergency exit to avoid the bouncers at the main door.

"Come with me. She can't go after them alone." I said.

We saw Anthonia crying restlessly along the hallway. Janet ran up to her.

"Are they armed?" I asked.

"No. Just three of them. They just entered the gents now."

I hastened into the toilet and there they were, laughing as the lit up their weed. They were young drug peddlers.

"Hand the phone over guys." I announced my presence.

One of them looked at me disgustingly, "who the fuck be this niga?"

"Probably missed his way." Another said.

"Hey Gee... Fuck out of this zone or we move your ass out." The third guy said approaching me. I spotted the stollen phone on the toilet mirror table.

The oncoming guy approached, swinging a heavy blow across my head which I dodged and gave him a tummy punch and my elbow hitting hard against his spine which brought him down with a thud. The other guy came thrusting a short dagger towards my stomach. I gave way, held his hand and twisted it backwards making the knife fall off. I hit him heavily with my knee and he went down. I did not allow the last guy come further before giving him a high kick on his chest and he slammed his back head against the glass door. I took the phone and caught up with Jane and Anthonia who were still panting along the hallway.

"Party's over ladies, let's go home." I said as I handed the phone to Anthonia.

I put Anthonia in an uber and watched as she drove home. I handed Janet her passenger's helmet as she jumped on my bike, held me tighter with her breast pressing hard against my back that I could feel her heart pounding hard.

"Thank you Kelly." She said with a deep sigh as I brought my Lion to a roar, firing thrice as I forced my erection to be lowered. We took off.

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