By Olowo Qudus 14 months ago

The Drunkard


Let him! take his pile with ethanol

and shall his halves, sing him a lull

let him! fly high in his imagination

and his lives rotten in hallucination


Take him away, let him see the lagoon

and shall you see, he is not a baboon

he says, what ought to see not

and hit his head hard, like a coconut


Let him! say some absurd false-truth

imagine he said "into salt i turned Ruth"

listen! let's hear the sane-madman

for he is going to be the last good man


The tavern, there dwelt his home away from home

let him! tell his colleagues, he hath built Rome

let him! boast false, that he conquered Hitler

and he the drunkard, had killed Julius Caesar

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