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I have heard many middle class and lower class people in my community criticizing the rich of being healthy because of what they put into their stomach, yes it could be because of that, and some insisted they could not feed but anyone could be healthy without being rich, that is when the matter of quality comes over quantity. Eating ‘stomach-full’ doesn’t mean eating balance diet, at this point we need to shed more light on the matter of food quantity and quality  .

The word quantity in a nutritional situation mean how much of a particular food is available or how much you eat. When looking at quantity, we don’t care of what kind of food, the source, content or the benefit it provides, answer given to the particular aspect of nutrition is ‘…yes, I am stomach full’. However, malnutrition may set in for this particular individual; malnutrition remains one of the most common causes of morbidity and mortality among children throughout the world, it simply means a lack of adequate nourishment which could be as a result of poverty or food insecurity. Coming back to our discussion, we could deduce from the knowledge of malnutrition that not eating the balance diet can result into several diseases like bowel disease, chronic kidney failure and some others especially in children.

On the other hand, food quality is knowing how beneficial is what you are eating to your body, in terms of nutritional gains. Example of quality is eating any food that consist of all the six classes of food e.g, carbohydrate, protein, fat and oil, vitamin and mineral. A good description of this is to cook rice which is a source of carbohydrate. In a different dish, you have your vegetable soup consisting of green leaves with fish, to be cooked with a little amount of palm oil or any of healthy cooking oil in order to have source of vitamin and fat, adding table salt will make your meal balanced because it is a source of mineral. To aid the digestion of your balanced diet, you need water.

         With the little in your wallet, you can actually get great benefits from eating a balanced diet that will make you healthy, what you need to just do is budget the proportion of each class of food with the amount you want to spend in total because science made it clear that some of these nutrients are required by our body in a very small amount.



                            NUTRITION TABLE





Fat & oil






Grains, Rice,

Potato, Bread,


Fish, Egg,

Beans, Legumes, Meat, Milk.

Animal fat, butter, cooking oil.

Green vegetables,




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