By Akinola Ayodeji 7 months ago

He saw her in blue jean today
He wished he could express his admirality
That she looked just like a beauty born from a blue sky
Like a diamond with sparkling rays
And when she waved her endowed hair
Each strands of her natural gold
Strung his heart like a chord of octave
Yet he was too shy he never mutter a word
How high she admired her beauty

Last week by the wall
He saw her hug a boy
For some seconds
His heart was frozen like an ice
Will he lose her flower to a pest?
Will his shyness cause her woes of love?
So  strongwilled he moved a feet 
Alas! It was away from the wall
His heart was bleeding blood
How on earth will he ever mutter a phrase to her crush.

Twenty plus still held him with this flaws
Love is walking away;
When will he talk?
He has been teased head to toe
Folks have trolled him " dog that never bark"
Man nothing lesser than a lad?
He was Hurt but not as grave as the pain of his shy empathy.
Right now the quest of his beating heart?
Is a cure for his shyness
No more will good things walk away from him,
Because he was too cold of word to let out the heat of his love.


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