By Adebimpe Owoseni (adebimpepenultimate) 20 months ago

Yours poetically, Phoenix Lovelace d poet 


She feign smiles 

To sheath her cries,

But beneath these smiles, 

Her heart is filled with wiles;

Just like within a golden casket lies 

A decaying corpse. 


Like a decaying corpse, 

Her heart is, 

An isolated barren land 

Her heart lies ;

With no one to till its ground, 

Those that came walked round, 

  Some glared ,

   But none dared 

To till her lonely heart. 


Everyday she envied 

The roses that grew her by, 

  She envied 

The sycamore trees with it lovely fruits, 

 She waited eagerly 

For someone to turn these  lies to truth, 

  She envied 

The gentle breeze that dangled its willows,

  She laid

Her back on the cold ground ;

And stones her pillow, 


With her eyes wildly searching through the clouds, 

Hoping to see a sign,

  But still 

The sky were barren of stars, 

Leaving her naked, 

Exposing her battered scars  .


She envied the trees

As their leaves fell from on high ;

  One very day, 

She took a stool 

 One very high, 

And there she stood,

With a noose around her neck. 


There she stood, 

And her eyes met another tree, 

Blind to her blight,

As another leaves dangled on its willow;

And gently fell, 

Then in tears she likewise fell 

  And dangled. 

Hoping to find solace in other realms, 

Far beyond this shores 



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