Warfare In Kosmos

By Felix Zachariah 3 months ago

The cross speaks for you too

She bears the scars of your victory hues


Who knows Jesus died too

In stead of all who sinned, even you


The father let him down to death

For you, Jesus was under arrest


'Eloi Eloi Lama Sabachtani'

Hello, didn't you see him bleed in agony!


For our Salvation, he wore sinner's garment

At 3'O Clock, the firmaments lament.


Abel's blood cried from the crust

Creation gawped at the Creator who lost his Creations' trust.


Crowns of thorns, he wore adorned

Game of Thrones, who cares if he did got blows


Aye, our lives became the living testaments

Of ingratitude to a gift no man deserved.


What have we really learnt in movies?

God's moves we have lost watching military comedies.


Adam, why did you chose porn to burn in the sulphurs of Sodom?

Eve, why did you have to be overwhelmed by the succulent fruits of the forbidden tree?


Our pride have graduated from ss-three, yet you and I aren't really free.

Yet, we try to tell Elohim that which we really do not mean from our hearts. Well…


When the King trudged up Calvary hill

He stooped so low to foot your bills


When you were deep in the oceans of debt

By his death, he settled all that you will ever let away for debt.


O Crimson sons of Elohim

His voice is come, won't you follow him?


Do we continue in Sodom that grace may abound?

And when the trumpet shall sound, who will merry with us in Hades?

Lo, the Powers of Gehena forshadows

And the Prince of Darkness go fishing.


Who knows the Voice of the El-Shaddai!

Let him stand his ground in tent of His eyes.


Alas the Babylonian princes multiply

Behold the Anakims on the Mountainside


Arise O Caleb Son of Jephunneh

For the days of Contention are here.


©️ Felix Zachariah

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