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  • Grandma's Pocket Watch

    Raaina Aranmolate
    The image of the watch doesn't click. The words beneath it, pocket watch, does. And the words beneath that, 10 million naira reward for the one who has its kind, evokes hope, so intense, I trem ...
  • How Arthur Became King

    Muftaudeen Musa
    8 hours ago
    Uther Pendragon stood with a group of his men on a high cliff watching the Roman ships. One by one the huge wooden galleys set sail across the English Channel. Each ship was full of Roman soldiers. ...
  • Black Men Tale

    Ekene Daniel
    5 days ago
    Ezigbo Ezigbo!! His voice roared like thunder. That's not my name replied Ezigbo Coming out in this Levitical attire. A foreign culture, Mazi spate. You think your Forefathers' KULTURE is bar ...

    Muftaudeen Musa
    3 days ago
    A gentleman was walking through an elephant camp, and he spotted that the elephants weren’t being kept in cages or held by the use of chains. All that washolding them backfrom escaping the ca ...
  • What An Interview

    Igoche John Igoche
    4 days ago
    WHAT AN INTERVIEW Tony had been looking for a job since he came to Lagos four months ago. He often carried his Curriculum Vitae along, anytime he went out and also carried it to Sunday services in ca ...
  • I Started Fish Business Without A Kobo-Madam Simiatu, CEO Progress Seafood

    Ojuroungbe Sodiq
    5 days ago
    The story of Alhaja Simiatu Jimoh, the Chief Executive Officer of Progress Seafood Nig Ltd is inspiring going by her up and down experiences. Shockingly, she did not have opportunity of having formal ...
  • The Sin That Led To His Repentance

    Muftaudeen Musa
    A righteous man was once asked to tell the story of the pivotal moment of his life, the moment in which he first began to apply the teachings of Islam, and the following was his answer: When I was a y ...
  • What Happened In Pethuel's Room

    Ibrahim Kabiru
    1 weeks ago
    "What Happened In Pethuel's Room?" We were four staffs working for the Oswalds Family house, they were three girls and me the only Male and the oldest in the broad mansion. It was Friday, ...
  • 17:59

    Ibrahim Kabiru
    2 weeks ago
    "17:59" "The world used to be young, movements happened with good shares.Thoughts clouded my head, thinking about the one who knows, about the theory of everything. My name is Tommy Charmiche ...
  • IZaBella (Chapter 1)

    Adesewa Senbanjo
    4 weeks ago
    James, Ruth and Abigail ran like mad people across the street. It was 11:14 pm and the rain was pouring heavily. James almost slipped on the sidewalk but Abigail Walker, his mother quickly grabbed h ...


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