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  • Mama Just Wanked

    Victoria B. Willie
    4 hours ago
    As he walked out of the bathroom, I smiled, hoping he would see that I was beckoning to him to come. For a second, his eyes pierced into my lingerie but he shook his head almost immediately and wal ...
  • The Destructive Species..... Three

    Lawrence Ruth
    In My Diary Once the Earth was so pretty and blessed with gifts of nature, though she still is. Once man was living in harmony with the Earth and the creatures with in, until man got crazy an ...
  • The Loveless Night

    Adesokan Abdulafeez
    3 days ago
    CHAPTER 1: LOVELESS CHAPTER 1: LOVELESS Sandy was pretending with her book again. Staying late in the ICT lab, long after classes have ended. While the entire school was out partying, dining and dri ...
  • Teenagers' Tears Three

    Ayomide Elizabeth
    5 days ago
    TEENAGERS' TEARS CHAPTER THREE "Hello beautiful, How are you doing? Has anyone ever told you that you have a very cute nose?" "Awwn awwn " i typed back after reading the Dm. This was the first mess ...
  • Ogun Journalist Ties Knot With Longtime Girlfriend

    Ojuroungbe Sodiq
    2 weeks ago
    A renowned journalist and the reporter for Fresh Fm in Ogun state, Saheed Adeola on Saturday got married to his longtime his heartthrob, Faridat Ariwoola. The walimot Nikkah between Adeola and his ...
  • The President

    Aniekan Andikan
    2 weeks ago
    There was a soft knock on the door, it opened and his chief of staff stepped in to announce the arrival of the Attorney General of the federation. The president glanced at his chief of staff, "I'll b ...
  • Letter To God

    Adeniji, Kehinde
    3 weeks ago
    God, They say I’m old, That I have aged and am still aging. “Perhaps your aging has made you hungry.” “Wait, you have no life.” “You are just there, all day doi ...
  • My Rape Story

    Victoria Nelson
    5 days ago
    Everything was different about daddy. He was much quieter these days and the look on his eyes was the one of fear and shame and maybe a little anger. I guess he hated himself for everything he ha ...

    Igoche John Igoche
    1 weeks ago
    Tony hissed and turned his head to the left when he heard an odd ring tune from a Nokia torchlight phone. This was the twentieth time the phone rang. He was angry because the phone rang anytime he wan ...
  • Teenagers' Tears Two

    Ayomide Elizabeth
    2 weeks ago
    Chapter 2 "Mum, how come you forgot my birthday?" I was standing close to the kitchen door, arms crossed on my chest. I had been standing there for a while and was ready to burst if I didn't say anyt ...


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