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    Raaina Aranmolate
    2 weeks ago
    "Get out!" Professor Bolu's booming voice jolts me back to reality. Even through the tears that's pooled at my eyes, I can see that the board is still blank. At least, there are no new writings fro ...
  • The Imperial Body Guard ( Episode1)

    Israel Celestine
    1 weeks ago
    THE IMPERIAL BODYGUARD . . Writer ✍️ : Master IC. Israel . . Episode 1 . . In a continent called #The Embodied Continent ...., There are twelve kingdom there. one of those Kingdom include #Th ...
  • Her Village People

    Victoria B. Willie
    2 days ago
    Just when it was Ezinne's turn to go in for the job interview, something unthinkable happened. It was as though her village people were trying to remind her of the fact that they hadn't forgotten her. ...
  • Ogun Task Force Did Not Arrest Me Because Of N20 Million

    Ojuroungbe Sodiq
    3 weeks ago
    Prophet Ademola Elijah, a Shepard of Celestial Church of Christ cathedral, Possibility solution, in Ogun state has cried out that cynics in his community were behind his arrest by the police. ...
  • When We Were Young

    Ritzy Opera
    4 days ago
    We were four, Four kids who thought we would be friends together. We told the world that, we held hands while walking because we thought our friendship was forever. It was forever But forever ended ...

    obinna chuks
    2 months ago
    Will you be my best friend? The voice was soft and slow, and very, very clear. It had come from her room, she was sure of that because the house was silent and her mother had gone out to get some thi ...
  • Food From The Skies

    Chibueze Iwu
    2 months ago
    I remember running with Sister from our home after the 'awusa' soldiers attacked. Mama had left to get more food for us earlier in the day before they came. That morning was the last time I saw her. S ...
  • What Happened In Pethuel's Room

    Ibrahim Kabiru
    3 months ago
    "What Happened In Pethuel's Room?" We were four staffs working for the Oswalds Family house, they were three girls and me the only Male and the oldest in the broad mansion. It was Friday, ...
  • The Beginning

    Assam Joy
    2 months ago
    So I have always wanted to write, not in quotes of another but in my own words but what do I know?(shrugs) Absolutely nothing! But I will write anything, I will put things on my mind on paper anytime ...
  • IZaBella (Chapter 1)

    Adesewa Senbanjo
    3 months ago
    James, Ruth and Abigail ran like mad people across the street. It was 11:14 pm and the rain was pouring heavily. James almost slipped on the sidewalk but Abigail Walker, his mother quickly grabbed h ...


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