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  • Lizzy The Seductress

    Sam Kajo
    20 hours ago
    Brother Joseph is a very brilliant and Hansom young man full of zeal and passion for God. He purposed in his heart not to defile himself. His dedication to the service of God earned him the position o ...

    Smart Felix
    The island of Tynesia is the largest area of land in Lathrice. The island was populated by half of the Lathrician indigenes and was the most secured island in the country. The island was subject to th ...

    Etimbuk William
    PRESENT I felt the cold morning breeze blew on my skin. I opened my eyes to a beautiful sunshine ray piercing the slightly opened window of the beautiful exquisite Archi Rossi hotel we have stayed in ...
  • A Righteous Blessing

    Marymartin Okoabu
    2 weeks ago
    Author's note This is sequel to 'A righteous mistake' if you haven't read it, do so before reading this for better understanding Chapter 1 Eleven years later I was in my stud ...
  • Baba Ijebu The Pocket Drier.

    Onyekwelu Ebederobinson
    2 days ago
    the baba ijebu lotto,is nothing but pocket drier for the poor nigerians who use it daily to win big.they spend huge sums plying this lotto daily only to win little or nothing.always these players of t ...
  • Change Shall Come In My Life

    Maryam lawal
    2 weeks ago
    Stranding over the window was a young teenager,she was tall ,dark in complexion and was wearing a cloudy mood. Stream over stream of teardrops are flowing down her cheeks. She was peeping through the ...
  • The Boy In My Head Pt.3

    Icheka Ozuru
    1 weeks ago
    As I near home, I start testing my new tech right away. Dad said this one would have a farther range, so I give a few commands as I get closer to the front gate around our property. The gate springs o ...

    Smart Felix
    2 days ago
    According to legend, the Calydonians were among the first warriors to inhabit the earth. They ranged from a mighty family and later accumulated a lot of prestiges as sailors. Once while travelling on ...
  • The Marmaid

    Nyaruri Paul Okinyi
    3 weeks ago
    Palm trees hovered along the coastal beach as the ocean kept calm its waters. All was seen was ruffling palm tree leaves bringing cold yet warm air to the beach goers. On every evening as the blindin ...

    Jojo wills
    3 weeks ago
    Tears of despondency slowly cascaded down her cheek, her bones felt cold and her hands shook as she watched him take his last breath; There was nothing more to do at this point, absolutely nothing. ...


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