By Wisdom Ahamefula 5 months ago

Oh! blind millennial lover

What hast thou found in My lady

That Jezebel so beautiful had not?

The duo fleshy chest guards or

The milky treasure mines beneath?


You keep the love cuming

Like active Mr. Dick's Fresh Rushes

So hard it is to fathom thoughts you store.

Just as a dark night in need of a shine,

You wander in your heart's world.


We won't hush, we won't psst

A man you'll be when you can see

Come and gone bones lived the life you live

Preferring Vinegar in Honey's jar to

A share of the grey man's hair.


There's a keeper of flashlights

The skillful Centuries path brightener 

who Teaches Immensely Most Experience

T.I.M.E as the grammarians refer her,

Will of no doubt help your eyes.


  You caught feelings infantly

Shared so much and threw tantrums 

Planted the old woman's talk on hard soil

Made the child sit and the aged stand

All these did you in narrow mindedness 


Time ran ahead of you I apologize

You see now? Why not if not.

Had you know, what'd have been done?

"Karl! Karm!! Karma!!! Is a bitch"

Oh Yes she is, Sorry Lover.

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Wisdom Ahamefula
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