Sonnet I

By Adebimpe Owoseni (adebimpepenultimate) 14 months ago

Sonnet i- yours poetically, Phoenix Lovelace d poet. 


Whisper me your desires 

And I will lay down my needs, 

Your love burns within me like Hade's fire,

You are indeed my Achilles heel. 


To be with you I will trade paradise for hell, 

Will do this only for love sake ;

Without you, paradise and hell, 

What difference do both make? 


A king exult in his riches and estates, 

A mad man exult in his nakedness and insanity, 

To be made a king; and not have you, indeed I will change state 

I rather be with you and wander like him without integrity. 


For if ever paradise is true, 

In it, there must be a you.



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