By Raaina Aranmolate 7 months ago

"I think you're at fault."


Khalifah's eyes flashed. "How?! Tell me  Khalid?!" Smoke Rose from her ears, filling the kitchen.


"You want to know?" 


Khalifah glared hard.


"You're rude khalifah. Arrogant and selfish."


Khalifah blinked rapidly. Shocked. "Khal…"


"You treat people like they're trash.  Employees; strangers; friends; Even me! Khalifah.  And you wonder why you're alone?"




"Everyone's had enough of your caustic tongue. No one wants to be around a cheeky brat like you."


" Khalid! Stop!"


"And what if I don't? You'll kick me out of your mansion like you did everyone? Never mind, darling. I'll leave. Myself."


"Don't you dare walk out on me Khalid! Khalid!"


The door slammed. It slammed realisation into her. 


Khalid was gone. Just like everyone.


Her knees weakened. 


She clutched at the arm of her chair as she suddenly realized that she might be alone for the rest of her life.


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