Sobering Wisdom

By Ogonnaya Uche 3 months ago

Those ears still blocked in their youth,

Listening not to the right tones;

Those wintry mouths with a wisdom tooth

Who do not give up on the tough bones;

Those poor, dry winos with sticks lit,

And bottles overthrowing their wives;

Those wiry grey hairs with their wit

Shattering their lives;

Those jaws soiled in wisecracks,

With their probity always in doubt;

Those athletes fallen off their tracks

Dying young or getting thrown out;

Those legs faster than their eyes,

Betraying their lenses;

Those red-coated lips with lice-like lies

Biting off their senses;

Those shadows faster than their shapes

And with their tails shrunk

Like hungry, malnourished apes,

Stinking, dead drunk;

Those miserly lords breeding communities,

Terming them subjects or nuts

And leaving them shattered cities,

With no standing huts;

Those ovary bleachers who

Did enjoy the pleasure,

And those gloves that help them do -

For the sake of treasure;

Those earthly mocking tongues

Piercing the wounded breasts so;

Those dark lips and lungs

From smokes that they know;

Those teeth stained with blood, kinsman's,

Expanding the widows' hall;

All larvae in these Saharan clans

At ease! Listen to sobering wisdom's call.

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