So Unfair

By Kehinde Adeniji 3 months ago

"Omo! Guys check her out". I raised my head from my books to see who the guy  with the red face cap was referring to. I saw a thick lady in blue gown walk past the corridor of the class I was in. She turned back to point at someone and I saw her face. It turned out to be Adeola, the fine girl with the biggest bum in the whole microbiology department. The one who had been silently oppressing girls like me with her big butt. 

"Meen! This babe is endowed! Which department is she from?"  The guy in brown shirt asked.

"As her backside eh!"  Red cap obviously thought aloud.

The last guy in their group, with the headset around his neck, laughed at his two friends. "Una no dey use eye see babe, especially the one with big backside. Yeye boys!" 

He shook his head and went back to his typing on his laptop.

"Guy, you no see the babe?" Brown Shirt asked. I guessed he could not understand how Headset could be so indifferent after seeing Adeola. 

"I see am, OK? See I get presentation tomorrow, I never finish my work. The girl set, I gree.  But that one no go help me with wetin I dey do. You and Oscar can do the looking and analysis, I get work" . Headset went back to typing. Red cap 'Oscar' whispered something I couldn't hear to Brown Shirt who laughed out. Headset obviously heard, as he threw his pen at Oscar who caught it mid air. He put the headset over his ears and went back to his work. 

Oscar and Brown Shirt obviously had nothing doing, as they started making an analogy of the different backsides there are. I cringed inside as I listened to them rattle on from my seat, two rows away. I could not concentrate on my reading anymore as their topic of discussion made me uncomfortable. I am part of the 'not-so-blessed' ladies; using Brown Shirt's words. 

I have a small sized backside that pays homage to butts like Adeola's. I guess God must have spent time on other parts of me, He decided to give me a small bum. Not that I'm complaining or something but it's unfair, listening to comments like this. 

Looking at my watch, I decided to go home. Class had been over since 2 hours ago, I stayed back to read, charge and do assignments. We haven't had light at my house for 3 days now. My phones' were out and my laptop was running low on battery. 

"I have charged enough, these guys are really crude and annoying. I can't stay here listening and getting all worked up." I said to myself. 

My bag made quite a noise as I hurriedly stuffed my things into it. I looked up to see if I disturbed anyone. My eyes locked with Headset who smiled. I scowled back at him and he smiled even further. 

Paying him no attention, I made my way out of the classroom. 


I turned back to see who called me. 

"You left your phone!" Headset handed me my phone. "Don't mind my friends" 

I smiled and collected my phone, mouthed thank you. As I walked away, I could feel the stares from three pairs of eyes. 

"It's not funny guys, it's not." I heard Headset say as I walked out the door. From the accompanying sounds, I guessed his friends were laughing. 

I felt like dying. 

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