Smile For Me

By Kehinde Adeniji 7 months ago

Baby smile for me,

Let's light up this place. 

Your mum is watching us, 

Your daddy too. 

I'm your new nanny; trust me,

We'll be together for a long time 

And we'll love it too.

Today's our first day,

Let's make it rain and shine

Let's turn the whole world upside-down;

Better still, let's make a new one for us. 

Pour it all out, I'll too. 

Baby please do something, 

Cry, yawn, shake your head or laugh.

Baby please smile for me.!


Aha! There it is, 

Wider, wider, let it out. 

Yes! There's my smile. 

I knew it pumpkin; we'll do just fine! 

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