Sleep Away My Pain

By Olatide Oluwadamilola 8 months ago

Yell it from the rooftop
That is the sound of my voice
Shouting again and again like an angry lion
I need a break
I need some space
I hope those words go far away to a long distance never to be heard of
Loneliness haunt me like a ghost which can't be banished
Not now when I need it the most
Strolling alone beside the seaside hoping to find tranquility  is just troubled waters
Not a glass of wine or my favourite chocolate ice cream can calm me down
Maybe a glass of water could do the trick but nothing is helping
I just want to be left alone
I notice my inner self needs an outpouring of my hidden pain but my silent personality will not give room for such
I just wish a voice in my belly could tell me it's okay
All I need is just a peaceful sleep on the dock in front of a lakeside cabin watching the sailboat

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