Single Mother

By Jason Joshua chigozie 13 months ago


Once a pride of the community

Till I lost family unity... 

Everyone once needed me

No more, how could that be? 


When my breasts were standing firm

Like the towers of babel.... 

Hips swaying majestically

Because I now look feeble? 


I'm a young mother

Rejected by the society 

They felt I've been defiled

I'm not worth womanhood... 


I'm a young mother

Daily striving for my child 

Who's never a mistake

But my greatest treasure... 


I've made great mistakes.. 

But certainly not my child

Despite the thought of others 

I'll sail till the end.. 


I'll make sure my child have a good life

Work hard, make em lack nothing

Even if my life ain't pleasurable

I'll give my child support and happiness 


Because the child's father ran away

And acted irresponsibly... 

Doesn't mean I'm a fool

My child is my treasure.. 


I believe in my child's future

I'll put everything I can to make it a success 

Tho I cry some nights... 

Some day I'll smile wildly in daylight. 


I'll fight and care for my baby

I'll be both parents to her

I'll breastfeed and pay bills

Because I cherish my child


I'm a young mother 

Because my child made me o ne

Without my little treasure

I'd be none.. 


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