Silent Rancor 2

By Lawrence Ruth 8 months ago

          The Naming Ceremony.


"Darlingwhat are we going to name our son tomorrow?"  an excited Suzan asked her husband.

"Adebiyi or Adedayo," Orlawumi replied.

"I don't like the name, sounds too local, I can't even pronounce it"

"Fine, what do you want to name him?" 

"Skylet,"  Suzan replied grinning hard.

"And what does that mean? Is that even a name?" a confused looking Orlawumi asked.

"Yeah. Isn't it such a sweet name?" she replied looking at their son with a smile.

"I'm so sure my darling boy loves the name, can't you see the way he giggled when I  called him Skylet? oh, look! He's smiling again. Our little boy loves the name mama gave him," she laughed and raised their son high.

"Oh please, don't call my son that name, Skylet or skymoon or sun. Please, this is Nigeria and we value names a lot that's why our parent give us names with meaning"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Suzan's facial expression changed. "My mum's flying from London, just to have her grandson answering some local junk name!" she yelled.

"You only care about yourself and your culture. Nigeria this and Nigeria that! Damn it! I am tired!" she screamed. Orlawumi could see she was already turning red. 

"Calm down, I didn't mean to hurt you" he tried to calm his wife.

"Don't touch me! You're so cruel, how could you name our son that, I am tired, I want to go back to my country with my son," she sobbed.

"It hasn't gotten to that, please. I am really sorry. Just try to calm down," he tried petting her.

Before sunset, Olawumi was at his friend's home, Effiong.

After being served both food and drinks, Effiongs' wife excused them. Orlawumi admired and envied how gracious and respectful Effiong's wife was. Wishing he had a wife like that, who could understand him better.

"My guy how far?" a cheerful-looking Effiong smiled.

"Fine, no! Things no too fine," Orlawumi began.

"Is it your wife again?" 

"Who else could it be? Are we five in that house?" 

"What happened? I thought you both will be naming your son tomorrow?"

"Yeah, and that's the issue"

"How?" a perplexed Efgiong asked.

"Please just guess what she wants to name our son, our first son for that matter?"

"I'm not really good at guessing, please tell me."

"That lady wants to name my son sky something. Sky what sef did she even say?" Orlawumi chewed his lips trying to remember the name his wife intend to name their son.

"Eheh! Skynet! No, Skylet!" 

"What?!  That one na name?" Effiong laughed hard. "Wettin e come mean?"

"Are you asking me? I said let's name our son Adebiyi or Adedayo, she said it's too local and junk, when I tried to talk further, she turned red as usual whenever she's angry, the next thing she started crying, she wants to leave Nigeria with my son to her country,"

"Hmm, so what are you going to do?

"I don't know. Until tomorrow but my son is not answering that fancy word she called name. He can answer the name as his nick name but not as his main name," Orlawumi sputtered. Both friends talked some more before Orlawumi left.

On arriving home, Orlawumi met his mother-in-law gushing happily with his wife.

"Oh, here he comes," Suzan's' mother smiled and walked towards him.

"Good evening Mrs. Bonnet," a confused looking Orlawumi greeted.

"Oh, darling, I heard what sweet name you're naming your son," Mrs Bonnet smiled.

"Name?" Orlawumi gasped looking at his wife who smiled back at him sheepishly.

"Yes, darling. 'Skylet' what a wonderful name. It sounds so sweet" 

"Oh, I see. Why don't you  have something to drink while I go take my bath and join you later?" Orlawumi excused himself.

 The next morning, Orlawumis' mother arrived just in time before the ceremony began.

"I am really sorry I'm this late. I needed to look after your dad, you know about his health, don't you?" his mum apologized.

"It's fine, mum," Orlawumi replied. 

"You don't look cheerful my son. What's the problem, where's your wife? Is she alright?" his mother who had noticed his mood asked.

"Yes, she's fine. I am fine mama," he replied faking a smile. 

His mother knew him so well but doesn't want to bother him.

"So where's your child and what name do you intend to name him?"

"Adebiyi,"  Orlawumi replied reluctantly.

"Oh, what a wonderful name," his mother smiled.

When it was time to name their son, the oldest person in his family was called to perform the responsibility. Honey, sugar, colanut, bitter kola, sugar cane, etc which were  needed for the ceremony has been made available.

Orlawumi was relieved that his wife didn't cause so much drama. The ceremony didn't really go the way he thought it would, where only him as the father gives his son a name but instead, anyone who cares comes by call the name they wish to call the child then drop some money in a bowl on a table in front of Orlawumi and his wife.

"Finally it's over," he gasped then smiled at his mother who kept calling her grandchild Adebiyi, Suzan although upset didn't mind.

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