Silent Love

By Ekene Daniel 2 months ago

You left when I most needed you

You went silent on me when I needed you to speak


Words of love

Those things are powerful, you know?


It unmakes and

Maketh a man

For words are like currency

Pathways to the heart


Now we are standing at the edge of it all

And at crossroads too


But disturbed by the uncertainty of love


What are the chances?

What are the chances my lady?


Will romance lead the way

Or we’ll let affluence lead

Both can’t lead to the same end


Where are the promises made?

Love professed

Truth confessed


Misleading love I would say

My misleading lover

Yet enchanting

Giving a sense of comfort to the soul


Lies and truth

Deceit against fairness

Justice a last


Your love has gone silent on me

My Lady

And it’s waving a sense of uncertainty within

With a mixture of malice and love.

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