Black Beauty.

By Lawrence Ruth 3 months ago

                Black Beauty.

I had woken up that early morning feeling weak and tired what actually got me tired and weak wasn’t work or stress but the complexion of my skin “ Am damn Black not even Dark!” What else? going out in midst of others especially the fair ladies was just too terrible, first if am not given a look of “ Who’s this alien?” Then people chuckle around, my skin complexion gave me the name “ Black Buddy” I hated the name so much and now it’s just another new day for me to start off to school, I mean I have lectures to attend which will extend till evening, I hated that.

    Lazily I undressed myself to my bathrobe, I looked at myself at the mirror then sighed I don’t really love what I was seeing “ A dark skinny girl with cornea as white as snow and eyes lance as dark as ebony” I hated the look. I’ve got to do something about it. After another brief look, I walked to the bathroom and had a quick shower. By the time am done I was almost late for my chem 221 lecture.

     Once I got into the half filled hall, I could see all eyes were on me, but thanks to the earpiece stocked into my ear booming loud music that got me thriving. I got to my seat and sat quietly. I never let go off the earpiece until the chem lecturer walked in. And who was it?, it was Mr. Aderson. One man I  despise he make fun of my skin a lot and just as I had feared he pointed at me.

       “ Here! Blacky” he called out to me but I acted deaf because the name he called wasn’t my name moreover I hated the word “ Blacky”. 

     “ Is it not you am talking you, charcoal” he sputtered pointing at me again but still I acted deaf the third time the young guy sitting close to me gave me a quack

“ Chinwe, it’s you he’s referring to” the young guy said then I stood up

“ So all this while, you didn’t hear me talking?” Mr. Aderson sputtered

“ No sir, I didn’t” I replied

“ Are you not Blacky, didn’t you hear when I said Blacky? He asked 

“ My name is not Blacky sir” I replied then the class laughed hard

“ Did you people hear that?, Please class is there anyone as black as her?”  he asked and the class shouted “ No!” in return.

“ Who’s the black student in our midst?” 

“ Chinwe!” the student replied with loud laughter.

“ My friend sit down, you’re Blacky, next time I call you don’t answer then you’ll see how your marks will be deducted” Mr. Aderson threatened me. I felt so humiliated sitting down.

     When the lectures were over, I hurried to my lodge. I had refused to stay within the campus in order not to be humiliated so I stayed off camp alone. This day while walking home an idea crept into my mind and what was it? “ I thought if bleaching my skin using bleaching creams if worst comes to worst I would use lasers instead to get rid of my dark complexion to a fairer one” the thought sound crazy at first but when I saw a gorgeous fair girl pass by I became more determine. Instead of walking to my lodge off camp I changed my direction to inside town to one of the best cosmetic mall where I can buy the best fast bleaching cream for my skin.

   Within an hour I was in “ Beauty Cosmetic Mall” I walked into well ventilated mall, I was welcomed by the attendant and given a number and sit to seat down. So I had to wait. While waiting I went on line and logged into my face book account immediately I got a notification, I was tagged by a young writer at  by name Lawrence Ruth, she tagged me on her recent post, at first I was reluctant to read it because I wasn’t the story reader type but when I saw the title of her article I got more than interested to read. First it was “ Natural Home Remedies for Natural Glowing Skin” which I read so fast then the next that made me drop the idea of ever bleaching my skin was her recent articles “ My Melanin, My Complexion and Common Little Mistakes Ladies Make” by the time I was done reading her articles I found myself leaving the mall in a haste, the attendant tried to stop me but I hastened my steps, when I got outside, the sight of young girl I saw before getting a cab got me scared. The young girl was neither fair nor dark, she had brown patches at her knuckles, wrist, ankle and every other parts of her joint, I  could see green veins visible on her skin. She also had red patches, I could barely describe her looks, in disgust I  sputtered “what is this?” the young man standing close to me who was also waiting for a cab chipped in

“ It’s bleaching, that’s one of the result of bleaching. Maybe she was dark before and bleached her skin to that multi complexion she’s carrying, the next thing might be skin cancer” the man said then I didn’t know when I shouted 

“ Are You Serious!” 

“ yes ooooooo” he continued “ I don’t know what is really wrong with some of these dark skinned girls, if only they know how beautiful they are. For instance”  he said looking at me “ You’re really beautiful, your complexion, those two pairs of charming eyes are mind blowing” he gibbered. I didn’t believe my ears this was the first time an outsider says an beautiful. I felt so happy then blushed 

“ Oh. My goodness, what pretty shiny white teeth you have” the stranger said then continued “please my name is Ikenna, here take” he said giving me a piece of card that has both an address and a contact in it “if you’re interested in modelling, give me a call we have an up coming context this week, which would be going viral because it’s international, please if you don’t mind you can join the “ African Black Beauty Contest”  that’s the heading because it’s for dark skins alone. The young man by name Ikenna explained, with a smile I took the card and thanked him before leaving.

   I applied for the contest and there I saw you guys girls darker than I  was. I felt bold suddenly, then that self confidence and love I once lost I had it back. There at the contest I saw the beauty in dark skin and I felt glad I never bleached my skin. When it was my time to cat walk for the people to see the amazing yet hidden beauty in me. Boldly but softly with an alluring smile I walked majestically like a queen on her coronation day. By the time I was done showing off what I had, I could read the amusement on the judges eyes.

   By the end of the contest I  came out the winner of “ African Black Beauty Contest”. I was so happy and too excited. I thanked  Ikenna who had invited me for such a show. My parent were so proud of me, I  don’t really need them to pay my school fees I got a scholarship that handles that more over for a week I’ve got to model for a company. Like a magic I owned a huge mansion and a car all that luxurious life in a twinkle of an eye. I wasn’t called Blacky again but my new name became “ Black Beauty” some called me”  “ African Queen”. 

      Now I know the importance of my melanin, why I shouldn’t bleach and how beautiful I was with dark complexion. Indeed dark skin is amazing because black or dark skin is  beautiful. 


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