Black Beauty.

By Lawrence Ruth 6 months ago

                Black Beauty.

I had woken up that early morning feeling weak and tired. What actually got me tired and weak wasn’t work or stress but the complexion of my skin

“ Am damn Black not even Dark!”

What else? going out in midst of others especially the fair ladies, was just too terrible! first if am not given a look of “ Who’s this alien?” Then people chuckle around. 

  My complexion gave me the name.   “ Black Buddy” I hated the name so much and I dont understand why people despise  others for something so obvious not their victims fault manin. And now, it's  just another new day for me to start off to school, I mean I have lectures to attend which will extend till evening, I hated that.

    Lazily I undressed myself to my bathrobe, I looked at myself at the mirror daggling from the pink coloured wall then sighed. I don’t really love what I was seeing.

“ A dark skinny girl with cornea as white as snow and eyes lance as dark as ebony” I hated the look.

I’ve got to do something about it. After another brief look, I walked to the bathroom and had a quick shower. By the time am done I was twenty eight minute late for my chem 221 lecture but who cares?

     Once I got into the half filled hall, I could see all eyes were on me, but thanks to the earpiece stocked into my ear booming loud music that got me thriving. I got to my seat and sat quietly. I never let go off the earpiece until the chem lecturer walked in. And who was it?, it was Mr. Aderson, popular known as " Sir red skin". He's naturally fair but the complexion of his skin at hot noon day and during a harsh hamattern weather gave him the name " red skin".

   During a hot sunny day, Mr. Aderson as red as plastic worst, when he's angry. He's  One man I  despise so much because makes fun of my skin a lot and just as I had feared he pointed at me.

       “ Here! Blacky” he called out to me but I acted deaf because the name he called wasn’t my name moreover I hated the word “ Blacky”. 

     “ Is it not you am talking you, charcoal” he sputtered pointing at me again but still I acted deaf the third time the young guy sitting close to me gave me a quack

“ Chinwe, it’s you he’s referring to” the young guy said then I stood up.

“ So all this while, you didn’t hear me calling?” Mr. Aderson raved

“ No sir, I didn’t” I replied.. I could see his cheek turning red and the tip of his nose and ears. It's usual whenever he's angry.

“ Are you not Blacky, didn’t you hear when I said Blacky? He asked 

“ My name is not Blacky sir” I replied then the class roared with laugh.

“ Did you hear that?, Please class is there anyone as black as she is?”  he asked and the class shouted “ No!” in return.

“ Who’s the black student in our midst?” 

“ Chinwe!” the student replied with loud laughter.

“ My friend, sit down! you’re Blacky, next time I call you, don’t answer then you’ll see how your marks will be deducted” Mr. Aderson threatened. I felt so humiliated sitting down.

     When the lectures were over, I hurried to my lodge. I had refused to stay within the campus in order not to be humiliated so I stayed off camp alone.

   This day while walking home an idea crept into my mind. “ I thought of bleaching my skin using bleaching creams if worst comes to worst I would use lasers instead, to get rid of my dark complexion to a fairer one”.

      The  thought sound crazy at first but when I saw a gorgeous fair girl pass by, I became more determine. Instead of walking to my lodge off camp, I changed my direction to inside town to one of the best cosmetic mall where I can buy the best fast bleaching cream for my skin.

   Within an hour I was in “ Beauty Cosmetic Mall” I walked into well ventilated mall. I was welcomed by an attendant who gave me a number and sit to seat down. So I had to wait.

   When it was tge number got to mine, I stood up to get what I wanted. I was asked what I wanted in reply I told them I need the best bleaching cream they can sell. Just as I demanded I was given hydroquinone USP bleaching cream. I went to my lodge. 

   Well, I didn't waste time to use the new product I bought. That same day, I began applying it. 

Within a weak, there was some changes done to my skin. I was getting fair as I've always wished. I was so happy at the new development.

    In school, I was elexoecting the student to smile at my new achievement and even get close to me but I stead they keep giving me a puzzling look of " are you alright" 

    I got so upset one day, when a young guy walked up to me at one of the schools restuarant. He said to me.

 " What's happening to you Chinwe? I mean your skin?"

  " Nothing" I told him.

" You know, I love the way you look before now. I mean your dark skin. It's amazing and unique" the young uy by nams Shadrack explained. By the time he was done talking I was red with anger.

 " Wait" I paused him " Why are you telling me all these now? You never told me his pretty my dark skin was until I got fair. You guys are just complicated" I sputtered then stood up and left him after paying my bills.

  We had a week break , instead of staying school as usual to read I went home so my parents could see my new pretty looks.

  I didn't get the welcome or cheers u expected. NY parent were disappointed at my new appearance especially my mum who kept on singing in my to get back to my dark skin before it's too late.

   Before the break was over I left home for school. I understand why parent don't like my new fair skin what even got me more confused was the look I get from those who laughed at how dark I was. 

While being too engrossed with my new look. I didn't notice the damage it was causing. First voracious green veins were beginning to pop up from my skin, then some part of my skin was getting fairer than the others. I hadn't dark ankle, wrist, knuckles and elbows. As if that was not enough an unpleasant smell began to develop. 

   I woke up one morning to see what the bleaching I've been using had done to my skin but that was after eight years, am done school. Am working in an oil company.

   I don't really love what I was seeing. I thought of what to do, how to get back my dark skin. I went to cosmetic mall but their products was just doing no good. To worst the whole thing I began to love dark skin. I began to see the beauty in each dark skin I see. Indeed I've been silly.

  I went home to see my parents. I spoke to my mum about my skin. Well, she had dealt with me with her words before giving a remedy to what I was seeking. 

   It took time for me to get back my dark complexion. However I've learnt my lesson, to always be my true self.

  NowI know the importance of my melanin, why I shouldn’t bleach and how beautiful I was with dark complexion. Indeed dark skin is amazing because black or dark skin is  beautiful. 


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