She's Fifty Nine.

By Lawrence Ruth 6 months ago

      She's Fifty Nine

A new day has come and has marked a new beginning tfor you.  My dear, today you're one plus and that has called for a big celebration. 

Nigerian, oh!  Nigerian, my country, my father's land, a land filled with milk and honey, though your blessed and abundant gifts from nature misused and less cared for, yet you stood strong and bold.  A land of diverse ethnic groups and culture. Giant of Africa, home for my people and a land of wealth.

You've been through a lot, facing varying forms of challenges. ranging from bad governance to unpatriotic citizen and apathied displayed by your people. You've stood at the verge of being separated yet despite all you're still strong and alive.

What hurt you most than being denied by your people. Your green look ruined with oils and debris and your fertile womb stained and drenched with spilled blood from wars, suicide and xenophobia. You've had a lot and had swallowed a lot too.

Silly, we may be at times, fighting for lands that was before our birth and power we might leave after death. History has shown us the truth, though some truth altered but we still are bent on having our way on you, tearing you apart and having you as two different nation. How hurt you feel.

Today you're one plus. I wonder what your wish or wishes are, however just know am wishing you the very best. Today's a Happy Independent Day.


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