Self Stranger

By Author Enobong Ukpabio 18 months ago

I am myself's stranger and I can't talk to me because I don't trust me. 

The only thing I do is send me a text message of treat.

I belief in only the now achievements about me, which makes me a bit taller than everyone else. 

I fight with my spirit, sending it to lands beyond all in the name of "soul travel" 

But my greatest surprise lies on the day I'll travel and not come back to see me again 

            On this

                      Planet earth.

What an hatred to behold about me.

My achievements are base on others boast about me, 

Because I don't appreciate myself

And who am made of..


Wishful list, my memories of peace are of blunts

And here I missed how it was.

Tell me

      Who will preach peace

When all I do or think of is a murder?

When all my thoughts are dull and of no values to behold,


Making more miserable ideas and descissions,

Resistance to nature,

Ye, who slapped mum at a distance 

        Just to tell 

                 Her that there's much stress in "manhood"

Remembered when I ask the "poor" he that begot me

      When will I grow tall?

          When will I be free to womanize?

              When will I live in a world where no one say anything to me?

                   When will I wear a long trouser?


Oops! This are some of the questions he tagged "rhetorical"

Surprisingly, he never saw me smile till he was laid to begin life with set of heartless fools like himself in the beyond land.


I am myself's worst friend because I masturbate regularly,

Instead of play the love game with my opposite mates,

Afterall I have hates for people around me and family.

After all my thoughts for humanity and existence is hurts and evil,

So why need next of kins?


I am my self's best friend

Because I think life can be lived 

So simply when I hate all around me, 

Including other creatures that exist

When I make people regret their existence...


I am myself's myself

And I like my evil nature

I can't open my eyes to see you and look into your eyes

 without thinking dead of you

Cause it makes me gain everything without equality and equity.

© Author Enobong Ukpabio 4/2019

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