Saved By The Bell

By Tina Enem 4 months ago

Saved by the bell...


He pulled me closer to him and fed me with infected kisses... I pushed him away but he came this time around all forcefully on me. I have heard of rape'""now it looked like am about to fall a victim my heart raced frightfully as I searched for a good alibi to escape from this menaced evil that was coming up to me right in the face. Sammy has been a good friend of mine...we've known for Years. He was someone I could always feel free with. Everything was cool with us until he started making stupid diabetic romantic jokes...


***He pushed me over to his bed...I was frozen in shock. I looked into his eyes but from every indication he was not ready to hear anymore plea from me. Stop I can't do this without a protection I breathed out slightly.

At first he hesitated so I patted him with kisses... you can lock the door and take your keys with you on your way out; I will be here waiting for you I muttered. Sammy starred at me for a while then he readjusted his jeans before heading out...I heard the sound of his car zoom off.


I quickly opened the window and jumped over to his balcony I put away fear as I jumped the storey building. I ran to the gate but it was locked... My heart this time was pounding very fast like it would explode. Please help me with your key I asked one of the tenants that lived in the down floor! So I got out of the building. I ran into a nearby bush. I looked up I saw flash of lightning emitting towards my direction. I guess it was Sammy's car yea he's back my heart screamed. I kept running faster and vehemently through the bush path in that lonely night . I turned back as I ran in speed of lights... My breathe grew; my heart choked up in abridged, pounding uncontrollable while my body temperature increased in motion... I kept panting like someone that had a gun to her head! He was after me cos I noticed  footsteps so I knew very well that I was being followed.


"""Eventually I ran into an abandoned old building I sighted..."hey who are you and what are you doing here" one of the soldiers aggressively asked me! Em em someone was after me I stammered pointing towards the direction*** in less than few minutes Sammy appeared' let's go home now he shouted... Don't let him take me away I shouted simultaneously then i immediately pulled the trigger from one of the soldiers. Sammy was lying helplessly!! My body was covered in goose bumps and in great shock as those soldiers grabbed my hands!


You are safe with us! I heard them said; though in my subconscious mind.


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