By Balogun Abdulbasit 17 months ago

Have you ever thought
A time like this will come
Where Homosapiens
With high intelligible traits
Will behave like unintelligible beings
Where harassment, rape and physical abuse will become a norm
Given twisted definitions to this heinous act
Rape is not just forcible intercourse
Rape is a force that inhabits & destroys everything
Just put yourself in her shoes
Her voice high pitched shouting for help
Help! Help!! Please help me!
Her head bent with her pride snatched from her
I just want to sleep she said
A coma would be nice or amnesia
Anything just to get rid of this
These thoughts & whispers in my mind
Her fingers dancing along as blades
Carving memories into her flesh
Memories that will leave scars long past being healed
She will never see, feel, taste or touch life the same again
And now we find hash-tags to women getting raped
But less trending for the culprits of the rape
Rape is not a punishment for poor judgment
Blaming the victim is an act of refuge and self deception
The very thought of bad things happen to bad people is absurd
No one causes rape but rapists
So I say this to all victims out there
The shame is not yours
The shame is reserved for every creep that ever touched you
The shame is on the abuser not the victim
Not the survivor
And as I drop my pen of solidarity
I couldn’t help the tears gushing out my eyes
As I hear her say
They are all innocent until proven guilty
But not me; not me
I am a liar until proven honest

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