End Of The Wrong Choice



Blessed was the day you were born

Your coming to life was never a mistake

But your present is the result of my past

You were brought up poorly

Money was never the problem

You were just so unlucky

You came to life through a wrong womb

A mother who never cares


Your being in the womb was a mistake

I made a wrong choice

Under the influence of alcohol

And bad friends

Nightclub every day with no savings


I saw the lady with my fading eyes

Half naked at a corner

It was then a chance to satisfy my self

What i needed most at that time

Just like Abraham needed a son

I took a bad cross that day

Unprotected sex we had

Just about two minutes

And you were there in 3 weeks


You passed through a dirty corridor

Your being to life was a shame to me

A product of a prostitute

A product of a  wayward father

A mother she claimed to be

But you never gain anything from her

Not even how to make some pap

Good education but no home training


Here you are today

A prisoner

An inmates awaiting his death

Death is certain with no time / date known to any one

But you know yours today

You are gone in the next two days

What a wicked judgment

The judge is blind

A learned one he is called

But this time: he failed

He erred in law

For not knowing the right person to sentence to death

She and I

We deserved it

The judgment should be for us


The present is destroyed

The vision of a brighter future is just a mere dream

A mere dream because of my choice

Satisfied wrong choice / thinking i will forever be a youth

Shall a man witness the death of his son?

Shall a man witness the destruction of his last hope on earth?

A question that awaits an answer

I wish I never club

I wish I never met her


Tell the innocent boy

Tell him in a pleasant manner

Make use of that euphemisim

I will be waiting for him

I will make a better place for him in heaven

Only if heaven permits me









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