By Frederick Elumah 3 weeks ago


like the ants in viscosity, feels a floating leaf desert lizards,

my sided fronts winders,

coming across to the crawling beggars,

my abilities are numerous,

vast and wild,

yet i stumble in the midst of falling mind.

My heads on books twenty four seven,

a deep liter deep of assorted water; 

feels like heaven,

my foot to keep my eyes open, 

am a growing hard-worker,

i fail even as thus of my dwelling cluster,

i pass yet i fail,

like the detained fraudster with no family to bail.

I come last, brainy guru's sited,

figures of oscillating fitted,

am stabbed aback only deceived by my desires,

my thoughts and my wanting aspire,

a renaissance of an ideological spells of burning fire,

my dreams are down torridly glare of Dendron expires.

No single purple host who took flag can tell the definition,

unclear of victory,

 requires a surest deed damnation,

a distance strains of triumph,

my wishes bursts agonized and not clear enough.

I have indeed lived well,

 I laugh often, 

 love sounds of bells,

i love the trust of pure women, 

i am a scion with no sins bless,

like a woman's birth loving children,

i respect the service of my brethren,

exhortation of nature with no negligence.

My niches are tasks to accomplished,

in riches and wealth,

 I have grown to be established,

planning to leave this world better than i found it,

but my thoughts of God kingdom i do not fit.

Whether am an improved poppy,

or a perfect poet curtailed soul,

i appreciate the Earth's beauty.

My life had been an inspiration,

a restoration whose memory will be of no benediction,

what do i call my life?

Failure.....indeed i have failed,

my life had been counted in sweetness not in holiness,

not fame,

 wealth or braveness,

not power. . .rank,

 or name and boldness,

it is not the writing of the sweetest song,

nor the dance of a playing gang,

it is not the beauty of a lad that charms,

nor that plaudits of the crowded farms,

not the panegyrics of the press abound,

but a life that is lived in abundance of Gods will,

lived with God, in God, for God,

that is what i call success.

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