By Alita Emmanuel chinagorom 9 months ago

So you see,it persisted.

Two captains steering one ship,

Steering the lives of the inmates

Yet no room for common ground.

On the street you would see them,

Walking and yet not working


The future walked by unattended

Finding route to organized west

Tick tick goes another future.

The brokers up there wallows in luxury

Do they have a choice?

Their wards graduates in Harvard,Oxford and Yale

So you see,

The unfair aspect of nature

Education mocked our system

Knowledge laughs our bests

A country where everything is politics'

Our future played politics,why?

Inconsistency dragged our very being

Strike turned means of reprisals'

Today is for academic staff

Tomorrow is for non academic staff

Chaos nursed our ailing economy

Students languishes in dejection

Social vices became the only option

So you see,it persisted.



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Alita Emmanuel chinagorom
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