By Bolaji Seyi 7 months ago

We all have stories to tell. Every star has a scar. Stories of days we had beautiful experiences and seasons we had ugly experiences. All of these experiences are just indicators that time changes, today is different from yesterday and yesterday is different from tomorrow. You must have heard this but let me remind you again that "no condition is permanent". Life itself is a stage where various drama unfolds but there will always be a conclusion. However, your disposition and contribution determine the conclusion. 


Can you remember that period you were so ill and felt that was going to be your end? It wasn't because you are alive now and you are reading this. I know several challenges have come your way and you may be going through difficult or tough situations. Don't forget "when there is life, there is hope". As long as you are still living, there are beautiful days ahead. The little you have today will become big tomorrow and the darkness you see is an assurance that light will shine soon.  The worries and anxieties in your mind are indications that the future is bright and the truth is; whether you believe or not, your current situation (may be bad or terrible) will change and you will experience joy in your heart and life. 


Humans cannot live without having challenges. If you don't have challenges, I doubt if you are human. Challenges are signs that you are still breathing and kicking and as long as you are still breathing, you are assured of winning, shinning, growing and glowing. You may not know but some people around you have bigger challenges than you do and they haven't given up. Some of the situations you define as challenges are some people's victories, they are even praying to be like you. No matter how bad your situation is, someone is admiring your status and wants to be like you. So, challenge the challenges, flog out negative thoughts, forget about your worries and always believe that tomorrow is going to be greater than today. 


Growth is in stages. A child that is born today cannot walk, it's impossible. There are different stages/processes a child will have to observe before he can crawl or even walk. If the child had the ability to talk, he would say that the processes are challenging just like we address our current situations. What am I saying?  Challenges are stages we must observe if only we are ready to take up bigger responsibilities if only we are ready to become stronger, greater, better and wiser and willing to move forward. Don't be depressed when faced with challenges, handle them wisely and come out brighter like a bar of gold after being refined. You are a star, the scars will disappear soon 


I know it may not be so easy for you but believe me everything is going to make sense and all will be alright. Your story is going to be complete, the processes you are observing now will make the storyline richer and greater. Never lose hope, hope you know you are still very important and this generation needs you to provide solution to some problems. You are needed, you are precious, you are valued. You are made for more than you see now, and you will get to a perfect destination, a destination your heart desires. You were not like this when you were born, you have grown and you are still growing and you will glow. Nothing is too hard, you will get there. Cheers to an amazing, bright, sound and fulfilling future. Shine! Smile! Be Happy! 


You are a star, you will definitely shine. 


Bolaji Seyi(Seyiwryte)

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Bolaji Seyi
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