SOS: Call Of The Distressed

By Ọlátúbọ̀sún David 5 months ago

Mother, save our soul first

You can arrange for meetings some other time

There is always another time


Our neighbour have breach the oath of motherhood

And in her veins, blood of motherhood has turned poison

Cutleries that gave us breakfast have turned weapon

We are no safer than festive fowl in her hands


No time to tell tales, please save our soul first

By fixing home to lodge us

No time for political negotiation, save our soul

By fixing our crippled wealth

Save our soul by eliminating ecophobia 

If the home is bad

Other places are no better than jungle


Save our soul by boycotting diplomatic treaty

Save our soul by deploying weapon of sanction

Though your arms are opened

Opened in the embrace of her children

She never wants to know

You once gave her life by risking your own life

In donation of blood

Yet she never wants to know

She never wants to know

That your blood flows in her veins

And her business prospers in your hands


Save our soul mother, by getting rid of internal enemies

For if xenophobia is out there 

And in the inside there is ecophobia

Where else then lies our hope?

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