By Madu Ebube Shantel 2 months ago

Have you ever loved and yet you can't be with the one you love?

Life, people, situations, circumstances can be obstacles to love

"I love you but we can't be together, it won't work"

Heartbroken, I feel heartbroken 

Distance can be a murderer of love

"We love each other but separated by the very own life that brought us together, what then is the purpose of our meeting... knowing each other, why then did we cross each other's path?"

Love is the strangest feeling I have ever met and felt

Several times I tried eliminating love from my life but love keeps coming back to me, like a shadow and like stones on my path 

And now I will spend the rest of my life moving on because even if I can't have you, I can't forget you 

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Madu Ebube Shantel
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