By Mr. Uduakobong Clement 16 months ago

Secret betrayal Episode 9 He tasted of the sweet oranges. The kiss was deepened with every motion of our tongues. He pressed me against himself, making my boobs rub against his chest and against my silk gown. The feeling was sensational, especially as he rubbed against my firm buttocks since my gown had already slid high up from the ruffling we were engaged in. He moved his legs unto the couch so I was lying symmetrically on top of him. The groping and deep kissing continued with him pulling down my straps to gain access to my waiting oranges. I let out a soft moan as his hand made contact with my left boob. He squeezed gently and I moaned a little louder. I became aware of his groin area as the bulge propped me up significantly. Collins was blessed in that domain. The thought of that thing propping me up like that left me in a slight disarray. He brought me back from my brief reverie, even inside a very ecstatic moment, when he kissed my neck and found his way to my bared nipples. He kissed them like they were all that mattered to him. I clung to him, wrapping my arms... read more

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