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Secret betrayal Episode 14 Saturday morning and in a matter of hours Vera would be married to Desmond and her status would change. She was so excited so much that she woke me up as early as 05:00 in the morning. Before 07:00, the makeover crew would arrive for their art so we had to shower and get ready for them. As soon as I left the shower and into the room, Vera threw a question at me. "Dickson told me what happened yesterday. Like seriously what came over you?" I sighed and went straight to the dressing mirror without‚Äč saying a word. "Fifi I am talking to you?" "What was I supposed to do? He kissed me without permission." I retorted. "Oh yes, and you slapped him? For God's sake, how does that appeal to you?" "I had no choice. For real that was the only thing I could do at that time." "For crying out loud, Dickson is a gentleman, one every lady would want to keep." She preached. "Oh yeah, I know he's a gentleman that kisses a girl without permission. That sounds cool." "Are you kidding me? Like he jumped on you without any green light? I know better than that. Just gimme a break." She waved her hand in the air in a rebuff gesture. "Don't be like that Vera, you know I have a boyfriend and I told him that. He ought to have respected that." "Really? You have a boyfriend? I don't seem to know him." Vera jeered. "By the way, tell me you didn't enjoy the kiss Fifi." "What nonsense are you talking about?" I shook my head and muttered a lie, "Stuff was so irritating." "Huh? It's okay. You have a boyfriend, one you've been secretiv... read more

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