By Julius Tunde 10 months ago

Hey! Here I am again

Reminiscing the days when I felt the pain

you sent me through the birds

for their chirping told how the story ends

but I was too deaf  to them,

too dull to translate what they meant then

until that awful moment when it dawned

on my pitiable soul that what we share was drowned

in a pool we created, fed and let grow;

A pool of our tears flooding the sweet moment of the show.

Those days were sane days when it all seemed perfect,

The picture of  what we saw was a blur torment

but we were lost in the torrent

that we got overpowered by the current

which flowed through the moment, the time

and put kisses tasted like a dish with curry without thyme.


Sane days, when we had it all

Before we let everything fall

like the walls of Jericho, like the tides of the beach.

Everything went loose like a blouse without a stich.

Our flaws became visible , very transparent

that out union became a known torment

where a greater situation took over

where thoughts were allowed to hover

our blank heads that we forgot to see the pit

which laid ahead our paths; so it made us sit

on a seat of comfort and made us think we were above pain

Now, how was the movie? What more did we gain?

Sane days.  I call them sane for you were yourself,

I was myself and we were ourselves

until the rats crept into our shelves.

They ate up the memories we stocked up

and caused our voices at each other raise up.


Now I hear your voice through your smile

speaking to my heart what I know as a lie

I hear the words say:

“I am sorry; I have a price to pay

for my flaws haunt me, taunt me

the guilt I feel does not want to flee

it has taken a great part of me.

Sorry I caused the pain, sorry I drew the tears

sorry I made the sane days become a harvest of fears”.

That’s what I hear, but not what I feel

cause your acts broke the trust, the love and the seal

which has caused my heart to be hardened

turned  my once joyous heart saddened.

So when next your think of pain, think of mine

reminisce on how I made your cross mine

Remember the sane days when we seemed perfect.

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